The JDK Group, LLC Provides 5 Principal Services:

Organization Assessment & Development

  • Organization Assessment and Strategic Organization Design
  • Operating Model Analysis and Design
  • Large-Scale Change Management
  • Leveraging Diversity for Competitive Advantage
  • Defining Vision, Values, Brand and Value Proposition
  • Improving Organizational Agility, Alignment, Engagement

Executive Assessment & Development

  • Individual Assessment, Development Planning and Coaching
  • Designing & Conducting Executive Leadership Programs

Team Assessment & Development

  • A Diverse Range of Teambuilding Interventions
  • Clarifying Roles, Accountabilities and Decision Rights

Process Consultation and Facilitation

  • Planning and Facilitation of Key Meeting Agendas
  • Strategy Formulation & Implementation
  • Key Issue Analysis, Problem Solving, Action Planning
  • Workforce and Management Communications Meetings

Building Human Resources Capability

  • Aligning HR Strategy with Business Strategy
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • HR Scorecard Measurements and Six Sigma for HR
  • Design and Delivery of HR Functional Development Programs
  • Design and Delivery of Custom Presentations and Programs

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